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Everybody knows massage is good for health. But where to take massage in Bangalore? Keep reading to know the answer 🙂

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Finding good massage center is really hard. Because many of the new people opened massage centers nowadays. They actually don’t know how to do massage.

So, What to do?

Linga Massage is the best massage center in Bangalore having more than 10+ years experience in massage & spa related service. So, visit Linga massage to get professional massage service.

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We have trained professional massage therapist from all over world. Each massage we have separate masseur. There are lots of health benefits are available in massage. Taking massage once in a week help to increase your immune, help to increase blood circulation, help to reduce stress, tension, body pain, joint pain, head ache and pressure. We can discuss those benefits deeply at last. So, what are the services you can expect from us. Lets discuss about them.

Massage in Bangalore Services:

massage in bangalore

We provide wide range of services according to your need. Ancient people discovered spa technique to improve health system of our body. Because in older days there is no medicines available. Even though they living healthy life. How? It’s fully because of spa, and ancient siddha techniques.

Spa is really helpful for stressful job people like IT professionals, Engineers, Doctors, and Daily workers. Those are suffered stress and pressure often. Because of that at some point of life they went into depression stage and many health problems occurred because of this. So, Maintaining your body health is very important for you and your family. That is why here we are.

We doing this service more than 75 years. We are the professional spa in Bangalore with all kinds of massage services like Oil massage, Thai massage, Nuru massage, Full Body massage, Foot massage, Head spa, Reflexology, Female to male body massage, Body to body massage, Swedish massage, Sandwich massage, Hot stone massage & Kerala Ayurvedic massage. Here we will going to see all the massage types as brief:

Oil massage:

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Oil massage is one of the best massage for all types of persons. If you want to complete relaxation of your body and mind the take oil massage. We are using Ayurvedic oil and also Branded massage oils. You can choose any oil type. But we suggest Ayurvedic massage oil. Because in this oil contains lots of Ayurvedic particles and made in Kerala. We use that in our spa. Other product is imported product specially made for relaxation.

Oil massage price: 2500 Rs/- (No extra charge)
Duration: 1.30 Hours
Private Room: Yes
Shower bath after massage: Yes

Royal Thai massage:

In today’s hectic life, we do need Thai massage to recharge our battery and get fresh blood flowing fast & thick through our veins again. Also, there are some awesome men’s spa parlors emerging in recent times. Thai Massage Bangalore offers some of the best spa deals and thus help you to rejuvenate yourself without worrying about the wallet-pinch.

Urban people spend so much time over their grueling mundane work and multiple gadgets that more and more people are feeling this urgent requirement to take a break and unwind. A tendency to escape from our crushing environment is taking over.

Thai Massage Benefits:

Thai Massage in Bangalore can be an idealistic getaway for such people. There is a bizarre healing touch in the nimble fingers of the therapists. They are super-skilled in their work and can work wonders to almost every system in your body. Getting a Thai Massage, Bangalore can also open up fresh vistas before you. It is a joy beyond description when the tired muscles of your aching body get life roaring back into them.

A massage gives you that much-needed change from your normal schedule. It acts as a de-stressing agent and also feeds the cells of your body with oxygenated blood. Getting Thai massage in Bangalore also helps to cleanse the body of the accumulated waste products.

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An improved lymphatic system begins to work furiously after a good nourishing spa and ejects the waste products.One of the lesser-known benefits of the spa is that it makes people feel happy. Just like reading a good book gives you that high and eating a Swiss chocolate gives you that high. Similarly just one session with the Thai Massage in Bangalore can give you that high.

Some people, both men, and women go for regular spas to retain or bring back their fading youthfulness. Multiple or regular massages will certainly bless the body with a glowing skin and taut muscles. The result is acquiring a youthful face and body.

Moreover, massages will also be a great treatment intended for the respiratory system difficulties, over emotional tension as well as intended for the management of depression symptoms.

The rub can also be any cleaning method reduce your system associated with damaging difficulties as well as endorsing health and fitness.Using a skillful entire body rub down your skin may feel the genuine advantages, as well as your rest regimen, will truly boost.

Whether it be general health attention you are searching for or perhaps quiescence from stress as well as get worried, any entire body rubs down might be simply finished to help you contend as well as loosen up.With such techniques at the display, it wouldn’t be long when people rise to the importance of regular massages as men’s health is wealth. As soon as you realize it will be better. So when do you want your massage therapy lesson next!

Thai massage is world famous massage. Many of the people thought Thai massage only available in Thailand. But they need to develop. It’s 21st century. People plan to visit mars. So, Taking Thai massage professionals from Thailand to Bangalore is not that much complicated thing. We have Thai massage specialist in our spa. They were well trained masseur and coming from Thailand exclusively for Lingamassage. You won’t find Thai massage specialist in Bangalore other than Lingamassage. That is why we are often recognized as one of the best spa in Bangalore.

Thai massage is like stretching the body, rolling, pulling and expanding. This massage go deeply into our veins and gives excellent benefits. We have professional Yogies to do this Royal Thai massage for you.

Thai massage price: 2500 Rs /-
Duration: 1.30 hours
Private room: Yes
Shower bath after massage: Yes

Nuru massage Bangalore:

massage in bangalore

Nuru massage is the type of massage, here we using nuru gel for giving massage. Lots of massage centers all over the world giving nuru massage. Nuru massage is the most famous massage technique. After applying the Nuru gel on massage receiver and giver body the total process is depends on traction. The traction helps to increase the blood circulation and improve the immune system of our body. Lots of massage centers using low quality nuru gel. But in our spa we are using high quality branded nuru gel. This is also considered as female to male nuru massage.

Nuru massage Price: 2500 Rs/-
Duration: 1.30 hours
Private room: Yes
Shower bath after massage: Yes

B2B & F2M massage Bangalore:

People from all across India come to Bangalore for their special and infamous massage services. There is a huge variety to choose from. You can go to a parlor to have a very specific massage or you can go to a parlor providing all sorts of massage services.

With the passage of time, massages are no longer being practiced just for therapeutic purposes. Now there are types of massages that relieve stress and tension through sensual massage practices.

A body to body massage is the perfect example of that. It is also a scientifically proven fact that sensual massage therapies not only reduce stress and tension but also makes the customer more relaxed, content and joyful. It also maintains your body temperature at the optimum level and regulation blood flow.

Research also suggests that a good body to body massage once in two weeks should be priority for everybody. In Bangalore, numerous parlors offer F2M body to body massage services. A number of parlors are set around the beach to attract customers. You can look up and get the details of the services and the masseuses the parlor offers. There are professionals from all across the world offering their massage services.

Most parlors accept walk-ins but you can also make an appointment. Jayanagar is one of the oldest areas of Bangalore and holds a number of massage parlors in its area. A massage is the perfect therapy for your mental and physical health. There is no better way to get rid of the unnecessary stress, tension and body pain.

Working 10 hours day for 6 days a week, traffic, pollution and other similar issues take toll on a person’s mind and body and that’s when a good massage becomes a necessity. The masseuses are trained professionals who carry out the massage in a special parlor. The environment in which a massage takes place has a very comfortable ambience.

You can also have the music of your choice played. There are a lot of types of massages like body massage, Thai massage, deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, Swedish massage, sports massage, oil massage, sandwich massage, couples massage and the ayurvedic massage. A body to body massage is when a masseuse rubs his or her body against that of the clients.

In a long list of legal erotic massages, a body to body massage stands out among the public favorite. Mostly males take this type of massages. It is known to relive stress and tension. The massage helps in better blood circulation and vitamin control.

It also boosts the immune system. As this massage is given by a female to a male, it is also known as female to male or F2M for short. These massages are carried out by highly trained and experienced professionals. A body to body massage is a complete package. It makes you feel emotionally, mentally and physically relaxed. The after feeling is so wonderful that you simply get hooked to it and make it your routine to get a massage.

Foot Massage in Bangalore

Among all known ways of reducing tension, massage is one of the highly ranked methods. Not only is it a perfect way to relax your body muscles, but also a way to let go off your anxieties.

When most people hear about massage, they tend to associate it with the other parts of the body and often forget their feet. Well, how often do we give our feet relaxing sessions? As far as I know most people seldom do it.

Of all our body parts, our feet face the most stress as they are responsible for the task of carrying our weight either when we are walking around or even standing.

If not given proper relaxing sessions, feet can develop stress that one might end up spending lucrative amounts of money to cure.

Well, how do we avoid this? Giving our feet massage frequently, especially on weekly basis is surely the way to avoid these risks.

Where Can One Find a Good Foot Massage Parlor?

In most cases, one might find it hard to find the place that offers best foot massage but worry no longer, Linga massage, the best massage center in Bangalore, is the antidote to all your massage problems. In Bangalore, few massage parlors offer this type of massage and thus Linag massage is surely the place that addresses all your needs.

Why Should One Have a Foot Massage?

Foot massage increases body metabolism, stimulates the secretion of sweat and also accelerates rate of blood flow in your feet thus ensuring that you get rid of all threats your feet may be facing.

If you are facing a muscle stress related disease in your feet, a foot massage might be just the magical thing to heal your feet ailments.

The feet are faced by tension problems as most of the nerve endings are found on the feet and when faced by tension caused from walking around can result to disorders that can slow one or even cause a permanent foot problem.

As funny as it might sound, foot massage helps rid one of anxiety that arises from body muscles. Foot reflexology is known to reduce foot aches and ailments like plantar fasciitis.

Why Should One Choose Lingamassage?

Known for its quality services, one is assured to get the best foot massages from Lingamassage at quite an affordable rate.

Also, the masseurs at our Spa are qualified and thus give you tips on how you may relax your feet in between the week before getting a state of the art foot massage on the day of your choosing.

Apart from foot massages, the spa offers other types of massages that one may find of importance to their bodies and thus getting all parts of your body relaxed.

The masseurs at the spa are respectful to clients and thus one is assured to fully enjoy their time at the spa while getting their massage.

Foot massage benefits:

Foot has lots of veins which are directly connected to the brain, heart, eyes & other important parts in our body.

So, if we do massage to our foot it directly stimulate all body parts. That is why foot massage considered as the best massage.

It is consider as one of the important massage technique. Most of the people taking foot-massage only because of its benefits. Yes this massage has lots of benefits. In foot there are lots of veins available. By massaging those veins you can reap lots of health benefits. Those veins are directly connected to our main body parts like brain, eyes, liver, heart, kidney and so on. By rejuvenating those veins you can get maximum benefits and whole body gets relaxed after taking foot massage.

Foot massage price: 1500 Rs/-
Duration: 1.30 hours
Private room: No (Public room only)
Shower bath after massage: No

Full Body massage Bangalore:

full body massage

Full body massage is one among the best massage service in Bangalore. Full Body massage focus on your whole body. From the head to foot we help to rejuvenate your whole body. This massage helps to reduce your body pain and stress. We are using oil, cream and Nuru gel for providing full body massage. You can choose any item in our spa during session.

Full body massage price: 2500 Rs /-
Duration: 1.30 Hours
Private room: Yes
Shower bath after massage: Yes

Body to body massage:

Body to body rub is famous massage type in Bangalore. Most of the clients often take this massage because of health benefits and enjoyment with girls. We have some beautiful massage therapist to do b2b massage. They apply oil all over to your body and their body. After that rubbing their body with yours is called body to body massage in bangalore. This massage is somewhat very interesting and sexy.

Benefits of Body to Body massage:

  • Body to body massage has lots of benefits.
  • It reduced stress and body pain
  • It eliminate toxin from the body
  • Body to body massage improves blood circulation
  • The body temperature become normal
  • It stimulate veins of the body.

Body to body massage price: 2500 Rs/-
Duration: 1.30 Hours
Private room: yes
Shower bath: Yes

Deep Tissue Massage In Bangalore:

Deep tissue massage is a therapy aimed at deep muscle tissues and fascia in order to release chronic muscle tension.

How it Works?

Although some of its strokes may feel the same as the ones used in Swedish massage, it isn’t the same as having a regular massage with deep pressure.

Deep tissue massage is used to break down adhesion or muscle knots (painful bands of rigid tissues) which can disrupt blood circulation leading to inflammation and limited movements.

At the beginning of deep tissue massage, a slightly light pressure is usually applied on your body to warm up the body and prepare the muscles. The techniques used are:

1. Stripping – a deep and gliding pressure is applied along the length of the muscle fibers using the thumbs, knuckles, elbow and forearm.

2. Friction – pressure is applied across a muscle in order to release adhesions & realign the tissue fibers.

Will it Hurt?

A deep tissue massage shouldn’t hurt but it’s more uncomfortable compared to the classic Swedish massage. Be free and speak to our massage therapist if the pressure becomes more than your body can handle.

After the massage, ensure that you drink a lot of water periodically to help the body flush out the accumulated lactic acid in the tissues. If you don’t take enough water, your body might feel sore the next day.Although you might drink water and still feel sore,the soreness will go away within a day or so.

Note that you shouldn’t have a deep tissue massage if:

· If you have osteoporosis.

· If you have been diagnosed with blood clots in the past e.g deep vein thrombosis or thrombophlebitis.

Also if you have had surgery or chemotherapy recently, it’s important that you first consult with your health physician.

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage usually focuses on specific problems like injury rehabilitation, chronic pain etc. It’s an ideal massage for treatment of the deep-layered major muscle groups, fascia and tendons. Some of its benefits are:

1. Lowering blood pressure.

2. Treating chronic back pain.

3. Reducing anxiety, stress & muscle tension.

4. Increasing joint mobility.

5. Breaking up the scar tissue.

6. Muscle rehab

7. It can help with labor pain and delivery.

A lot of people usually want instant results just after a single session. Asking for more pressure won’t get rid of all the tensions that your body has built and accumulated over the years. The best results are achieved by a regular massage program.

If you are looking for a place where you can get deep tissue massage in Bangalore, visit us at Linga spa. We offer the best services which are handled by professional masseurs.

Contact us for take deep tissue massage in bangalore.

Swedish massage theraphy:

massage in bangalore

This massage comes from Sweden. The famous massage technique in western countries. Now it is famous on worldwide.

We provide Swedish massage in Bangalore with affordable price. Swedish massage helps to rejuvenate your whole body and mind. Many of the spas charging 5000 to 10000 for this massage. But we charge only 2500 Rs.

Swedish massage price: 2500 Rs/-
Duration: 1.30 hours
Private room: Yes
Shower bath: Yes

Sandwich Massage In Bangalore

The stressful environment, whether at work or at home is the cause of many problems. The stress is physically expressed by our body in the form of the pain of various kinds like the pain associated with head, muscles, body, and joints. A massage like a sandwich massage is a pleasurable means of relieving the stress and attaining relaxation.

How to Get that?

Sandwich massage is also known as Four hands or Duo massage. It involves two masseurs simultaneously attending a client and giving the client their full attention usually starting with a simultaneous back and foot massage. It’s an overwhelming and pleasurable visual and physical experience for the client.

Its benefits include the following

• Elimination of stress, fatigue, muscular tension and excess fluids
• Improvement in muscular mobility
• Help in relieving insomnia
• Facilitate the restoration of tissue elasticity
• Normalization of blood pressure

The sandwich massage is a popular practice in many of the Asian countries, especially the Southeast Asian countries. It usually involves two unclad female masseurs or masseuses massaging a client using oils, soaps, soapy water, or creams.

It may involve 37 to 40 massage movements and in spite of being a gentle massage form, it deeply soothes and rejuvenates the muscles, tissues, skin and blood vessels. It has the potential of turning into a body to body massage and it may have a ‘happy ending’ or not.

For people in Bangalore, there are a number of Spas and Massage parlors offering various Massaging forms. One such popular name is the, they provide a number of massage services. All their masseuses are well aged between 20-30 years and are trained in-house.

Now you get the benefit of expert masseur services in your own city.

A sandwich massage is the best form of erotic massage you can hope for and it has the potential of turning into a number other massage forms like body to body massage. On a lighter note, one cannot get more pampered than being attended by two female masseurs at the same time.

Sandwich massage is somewhat costly. Because here we provide two massage girls to rub your body. Yes two girls sandwiched your body. You are laying in-between two of them. This sound cool know 🙂
This is special type of massage take care of your whole body + enjoyment with girls. Yes of-course this is nude massage.

Sandwich massage price: 6000 rs/-
Duration: 2 Hours
Private room: Yes
Shower bath: Yes


The use of plant oils and herbs together with massage oils during the rubbing process. These are used to stimulate your nostrils when you inhale the aroma.

Your heart rate and blood pressure as well as your breathing and memory are impacted. A common oil used for aromatherapy is Rose Oil which affects your level of stress.

Ayurvedic Spa

Originally from India based on the belief that wellness is dependent on the mind, body and spirit.

Ayuverdic kneading helps to overcome fatigue, strengthens body tissues, aids sound sleep, flexibility and reduces pain. Oils are used extensively in Ayuverdic Manipulation. This has been known to increase the process of tissue regeneration.

Pressure strokes in this type of massage vary from active, passive and persuasive depending on the intensity of stroking. In Bangalore, Ayuverdic massage offers a soothing relief to the buzzing lifestyle of the city.

Lower back pain relief, head ache, stress management, increased blood circulation, better digestion, anxiety management and elimination of depression are some of the notable benefits Ayurvedic spa. Citizens of ancient have practiced this technique for thousands of years

Hot stone massage:

massage girls images

The stones which helps to rejuvenate your soul is called hot stone massage. The type of stones we are using in our massage center is original spa stones and imported. Many of the spas using normal sand stones. But those are not good. Place of the stones on your body and heat of the stone is really matters. We did research in this massage and give best service to our clients.

Price: 3000 Rs/-
Duration: 2 Hrs
Private room: Yes
Shower bath: Yes

So, these are some of our massage services in Bangalore. We have more than 40 massage services. You can visit our spa today to take your favorite massage.

We are the Best massage center for following reason:

We are Linga massage Center in Bangalore. Being one of the top rated massage parlour in bangalore, here we provide all kinds of massage treatments.

More than 10 years here we are provide massage and we have professional masseur from all over world to give massage. Plenty of massage services available in our spa. We are the massage parlour have more than 40 massage services are available.

All massages are different from other type.

Most of the people in bangalore often search Linga massage Spa in google to find our spa. Because we are very famous massage center in bangalore for body to body, deep tissue & thai massage.

Contact us any time to book your date and time. Saturday & Sunday we offer special price. So, Call immediately to book your schedule.

We have lots of female massage girls to massage your body.

During the session you can take handjob, blowjob, & shower bath also. These are the added advantage for many of the men.

Once you took massage & happy endings from our massage girl, your stress and tension completely released.

After that you can concentrate on any kind of work. So, don’t wait to call us take you phone and call now to book massage in bangalore.

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Linga Massage Branches:

The areas where Or spa provide the massage service are:

1. Electronic City.
2. BTM Layout.
3. JP Nagar.
4. MG Road.
5. KR Puram.
6. KR market.
7. Indiranagar.
8. Banaswadi .
9. HSR Layout .
10. Koramangala .
11. Bannerghatta Road.
12. Majestic .
13. Jayanagar .
14. Lalbagh .
15. Victoria layout .
16. Shivaji Nagar .
17. Okalipuram.
18. Yelahanka .
19. Brookefield .
20. Banashankari .
21. Whitfield
22. Marathahalli

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