Massage in Bangalore (Body to Body & Female to Male)

Hello Bangalore,

This is Linga massage, here we provide body massage related services. Our main services are female to male massage, body to body, thai, nuru, swedish, Lingam massage and full body Oil massage. Some of the most sensual massages also available in our parlor.

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Massage Type Duration Price

Body to Body Massage

90 Min

2500 rs/-

Female to male massage

90 Min

2500 rs/-

Thai massage

120 min

3000 Rs/-

Nuru massage

90 Min

3000 Rs/-

Oil massage

90 Min

2500 Rs/-

Sensual/Organic Massage

90 Min

3000 Rs/-

Full Body massage

120 Min

3000 Rs/-

Swedish massage

90 Min

2500 Rs/-

Sandwich massage

120 Min

6000 Rs/-


Bangalore is a city filled with more than a thousand massage parlors that offer unique massage services to local and international tourists. Populated by beautiful massage, the parlors include various body messages using oil, lotion, cream, and powder. Thousands of people are serviced each day in the Bangalore parlors. The parlors are private and safe. Some clients opt for 60 minutes massage while some stay at the parlors for as long as three to four days. Most of the massage ladies are aged between 20 and 30.

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About Our Massage centre:

Customers often confused to choose the best massage center in bangalore because of many massage centers. Hereafter no confusion because you visited the right place.

Yes, Lingamassage is a certified and approved massage parlour in bangalore provide all kinds of massage in bangalore.

People are often suffered due to Body pain, muscle pain, and joint pain. Some people dont know how to control a headache, pressure, and tension. We are promised once you take a massage with us, your all kind of Body problems should be relieved.

We have specially trained masseuses to give treatment for customers body. All are trained by Lingamassage training academy in Bangalore. In that academy, we provide all complete training about behavior, customer satisfaction, a special type of treatments and body language. So, you can visit our Spa to take any kind of massage with full of confident.

Types of body massages in Bangalore:

The city of Bangalore is awash with several massage parlors that are ready to stimulate your body and take you to another level. There are several types of massages that are custom designed to meet the needs of any individual or couple looking to escape to a world of sensual pleasure. The most common types include:

  • Full body massage: there is nothing more relaxing than a full body massage expertly done by professional and beautiful massage girls. Not only does it take you a world you thought never existed, it is packed with health benefits such stress relief, improved sleep and anxiety reduction. After indulging in this massage, your overall quality of life is improved.
  • Oil – due to the nature of the demanding economic times, many people work extra hard and as a result, they suffer from body and muscle pain. Oil massage is a remedy for that. The oil applied to a client’s body goes a long way in relieving the pain. Why tolerate pain when you can relax while beautiful ladies magically make the pain go away?
  • Sandwich massage – this is probably the dream massage for any man! It gives ultimate pleasure and relaxation to any man. The massage greatly improves blood circulation and maintains good body temperature.
  • Ayurvedic massage – also called Kerala (named after the ancient Indian Kerala people), it involves rubbing, stroking, and acupuncture. It helps to release pain and tension so that the body can feel rejuvenated. Herbal oils are also used during the session by well-trained therapists who will help to invigorate and bring to life a man’s internal organs. This is quite a special treaty.
  • Thai massage – there is no doubt that this massage originated in Thailand. Meditation kicks off the session which is then followed by pulling and stretching. There are no oils or creams used during the session.
  • Couple massage – this is ideal for honeymooners or any regular couple. A gentleman can take his wife, girlfriend or mistress to a session. The couple is massaged by two therapists at the same time and place.
  • Back massage there is no doubt that today’s entrepreneurs and professionals are working much harder than they should be, and as a result, back pain is inevitable. Back massage helps to minimize the pain and rejuvenate the body.


We are introducing a new experience of body massage. We are offering all types of massage to satisfy clients need and provide full relaxation for them. Our specialty is foot massage, head massage and body massage with naturally products and oils. Our products are also nature-friendly and we know customers’ needs. We normally use natural and fruit products but if any other product is required than we concern to related physician first and after that used it. Well qualified team members work with hard work and dignity. They always ready to help customer with best service.

Our main motive is to satisfy our customers and help them to come out their present physical or mental problems. Body massage, head massage not only to give relaxation either we can also recover from any other injuries or emotional problems. In this time so much people are facing mental stress, work pressure and depression etc. these type of massage always proven its value and worth to satisfy customers. There is no any long procedure you just call us and take appointment and our team members are always there for your service.

Lingamassage in Bangalore offers massage therapies that are intended to manage stress-induced health issues such as pain, low immunity, sleep problems, early ageing, etc.

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Latest Therapies

We offer Ayurvedic Therapies along with international therapies that include de-stressing and detoxifying body massages, body scrubs, face therapies along with the full body massage for male and female by well trained girls. We provide best and fabulous massage service to all our clients. Bangalore Massage Girls will offer you to delight in a fragrant procedure of massaging. We know whether you visit us only once, you’ll need an ever increasing amount! Our girls are well trained and professionals, will offering you with a truly unforgettable experience.


It is rightly said that a day at spa is great for your body and mind. Your body feels relaxed while your mind is at peace. With Full Body Massage you get the promise of quality. Rest assured that with us you’ll never compromise on quality. We value your money and time, thus it is endeavor to offer best of the best services.

Female to Male Full Body to Body Massage

We are understand your need and do obligation that you will be 100% satisfied by our services in Bangalore. Given some of the main benefits of massages, many people choose to have a therapist come to them to perform the treatment as opponent to visiting the therapist, between other things, this type of treatment has the benefits of the allowing you to, remain in your own environment, with which you are extremely comfortable, to avoid the ultra- and post stresses of travelling to the therapist to obtain your massage and sure to retire directly to a place of rest immediately following your massage. Therapists can perform the treatment on the floor or the bed.

All Kind of Massages

We offer a wide range of services from body massage, foot massage, head massage, pedicures, manicured facials. Our healing techniques and result oriented treatments uplift your senses and revitalize your body. You can choose from variety of treatments and package that suit your requirements. At Linga Massage in Bangalore, we only consume organic products that further enhance your senses with its alluring aroma These effective products show a magnificent effect on your body, mind & soul. Our state of the art infrastructure further contributes to your well deserved Linga massage visit We are known as the best spa in Bangalore for our genuineness and high standards in the terms of the quality Services.

Full Body massage:

Full body massage is the most known one for everyone. Here we provide full body massage. You can choose your girl in our spa and take a full body massage. This type of massage should be concentrating on your whole body. This is the best body massage to get relaxed your whole body. After taking this type of massage, you should feel very happy.

Kerala Type Oil Massage center:

Already said we have lots of Kerala girl and aunties. They are very talented to do Kerala type body massage by using Oil. You can take a deep Oil massage in our Body to Body massage in Bangalore with beautiful Kerala ladies.

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Hot Stone massage:

This massage is done By Placing hot stones on your body with a particular distance. This is the very special type of massage. Here we have an expert to do this massage. Placing the stones and heat of the stone is very important for relaxation. Stones are helpful to get core relaxation of your mind and body.

Deep Tissue Massage in Bangalore:

This massage targets deeper layer of your muscle and connecting tissues. The massage therapist gives strokes and rub your joining layers and provided this kind of massage. If you have body pain and Joint Pain means take Deep Tissue massage. This should be awesome for Body Painers.

Thai Massage:

We are provided Thai massage with Exotic Indian girls. They will provide Thai massage to your body. This is very ancient massage system used nowadays.

Swedish Massage in Bangalore:

Here we have some of the Foreign types of massages like Swedish massage, Bangkok Style Body massage, and Russian Body massage. These are the different types of Massages we are provided in our Body massage center.

Swedish massage is the foundation of other types of western massage such as sports massage and deep tissue massage. It is based on western concepts of anatomy and physiology ( 2nd June, 2017). Same as deep tissues massage, it is used to treat a variety of painful conditions. Therapist use different types of long strokes with deep circular movements, vibration and tapping. Scientist have established that, it causes relaxation of the blood muscles causing large volume of blood to flow through your blood, there is sufficient supply of oxygen in your body tissues, toxins and unwanted materials in your body are flushed out.

This type of massage relieves pain, reduces muscle tension and stiffness in muscles. Muscles are rubbed with long gliding strokes in the direction of the blood returning to heart. This massage does beyond relaxation. Before and during Swedish massage session, communication is encouraged between with your professional therapist so that you can receive the best service out of it. Common technique applied in Swedish massage include circular pressure applied by the hands and palms, firm kneading, bending and stretching.

Sports massage.

This type of massage is designed to help the players feel relaxed and also to treat injuries and enhance athletic performance. It is also used to make athletics to recover from athletic occasion. It is done to manipulate the body’s soft tissues. It focuses on the certain body tissues depending on the sport the person is doing. Just like any other type of massage, sports massage brings muscle relaxation and improves blood circulation. Sports massage is ideal to treat injuries as well as a preventive treatment dealing with the health of muscles and connective tissues, range of movement, tone, balance of muscle and quality of posture. The therapist needs to work with the client to find the right tools to unveil their current injury situation or assist them with their training situation. Muscles. Ligaments and tendons are moved around in a range of ways so as to achieve the desired effect.

Different therapist use different training and experiences to make their working different to avoid monotony, also client size and shape, there tolerance levels determine the technique to be used by the therapist. This include the standard massage technique, stroking through the muscles groups or picking specific muscles out and create movement within them  in different directions or at varying depths and strengths. Working on specific areas break down tensions. For an injury, root causes are considered and this causes other parts of the body to be treated as well. In case of pain or discomfort, loss of movement a soft tissue specialist is recommended to address the client.

About Us

Linga massage focus has an all around qualified group of specialists those have bunches of experience in their work and know how to manage the client according to their need. They give you a solace and loose back rub for your body head additionally foot. We have helped a considerable lot of sufferers to recoup and get typical again condition those are experiencing mischance harm, depressive issues issue and so on we likewise deal with clients comfort and gives administration according to their advantage.

Massage Parlour in Bangalore:

Successful Linga massage TREATMENT FOR DEPRESSION

We are exhibiting another experience of entire full body knead in Bangalore. We are putting forth a wide range of back rub to fulfill customers require and give full joy to them. Our specific is Full Body Massage, Ayurvedic Massage, Swedish Massage, Full Body Massage, Foot Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Royal Thai Massage, Sensual Massage, Balinese Massage with normal items and regular oils.Our items are likewise nature agreeable and we know clients? needs. We ordinarily utilize leafy foods items oil however in the event that whatever other item is required then we offer the same according to customers need. All around qualified partners with poise and pride. They generally prepared to help a client with the best service.

The Linga massage, high-class spa in Bangalore. The way it was expected to be. This is a spot where you can really connect with yourself. The spa has distinctive sorts of medicines invigorating, purging, enhancing, Native Indian style profound back rubs, Worldwide profound back rubs and numerous more. We are a top wellbeing and wellness book 2 spa giving Ayurvedic and Worldwide medications. Our Massage Parlour is devoted to giving proficient items and administrations to our guest. We take joy in each administration offered, creating them to your individual needs.

We have a completely outfitted back rub administration parlor and spa which is furnished with all present day offices with best of the craftsmanship. All back rub rooms are completely shut with steam and give in rooms accessible.

About Linga massage:

We have our middle in a prime area of the city with stone toss separation from a metro station. We have all kind of back rub accessible with us like Indian and International treatments. We prescribe all to take rub frequently as this aide in getting a decent wellbeing with rich skin and produce vitality.

Perused here extraordinary back rub advantages A Power Healing Massage advantages for your brain and body

We have all prepared staff and recognition holder staff from best preparing universities of north India. We offer back rub by shrewd and skilled young ladies of the town. what’s more, We guarantee to give you the best treatments which you have ever experienced here in India.

Men’s Massage:

There are plenty of pressure faced by men each and every day. So, his body and mind should face pressure and tension. He needs to refresh his body and mind, otherwise, there are many problems will happen at a particular age. Female to Male massage is the perfect one to get relaxed. If you are a male in Bangalore and you are seeking massage means just call us. We should provide an ultimate Female to male Nude massage in our Spa.

In Female to male massage type, Nude girls will massage your body. They are using her body to massage your all parts 🙂 This should be awesome feel for you. If you never feel that massage visit here, we will provide awesome female to male massage service.

You and the beautiful lady can do anything in the massage room. Many people in Bangalore doing hard work to earn money and other state people also here. Day and Night they are working hard. In young age, there will be no problem for your health. But at a particular age, all the problems will happen. If you want to avoid those problems means visit our Spa and take Female to Male body massage in Bangalore.

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Ayurvedic Massage center:

Ayurvedic massage is the type of massage. Here we provide a massage with full of Ayurvedic items. Oil, Powder, Soap, Cream and all the necessary things used in our Spa is Ayurvedic and Natural.

If you really want to take Kerala Ayurvedic massage means contact or Vist our Spa. Girls are really awesome to do Ayurvedic massage. In our Spa, there are lots of beautiful young girls are available. They gently provide Ayurvedic Body massage to you. The person who takes Ayurvedic massage regularly whose lifetime should be increased.

Thai Massage in Bangalore:

Traditional Thai massage has not used any oil, lotion or cream to massage your Body. Thai massage deals with Massage giver and receiver. Instead of Rubbing your Body, the Massage provider gives an acupuncture, compression, and pulling your body. Thai massage is a powerful ancient massage.

There are many Bangalore citizens likes Thai Massage, because of the massage benefits. Nepalians and some of the North Indian people really outstanding to give Thai Massage. We have both male and female Thai massage expert. You can choose whoever you need. Thai massage is fully based on Bodywork, no other products are used to give this type massage. Indian people like to take this Massage.

Topless Body to Body massage in Bangalore:

Massage Provider doesn’t wear tops. They provide massage with nude body. Some of the persons like to take Topless massage. This is same like as Booby massage. Female massage therapist provides massage with their boobs.

They are rubbing their boobs with your Body and it should give relaxation for all men. Nobody dislikes Topless massage. Because Boobs are so soft and skinny. By pressing boobs with your body, you should get a new feel and get relaxed your mind. I know you want to do this massage. Contact Immediately to book this massage 🙂

Best Russian Body Massage & Sex with Girls in Bangalore:

Russian Girls are very expert to do massage and sex. Here we have a good number of Russian Girls. They look like Horse that means very tall, chubby, curved and big. Who likes to ride a Russian Horse in our massage center? 🙂

Russian Girls are very active and fast. They should satisfy your needs 100% without any doubt. Russian Girls are best to do a handjob, Blowjob and Throat Fucking.

Bangalore’s unique and special touch in body massage:

Bangalore is a unique city which has over the years become a major tourist attraction in India. It receives many local and international visitors who are there to enjoy and experience new things. Some just visit the city to get away from their busy lives and have some time to themselves.

As a result, Bangalore is filled with several well-to-do massage parlors that cater for anyone, even those with unique and personalized needs. There is something for everyone. The massage parlors cater for those who want to be relieved of stress, yet enjoying the full view of naked and beautiful massage. Some are just there to rediscover their sensual touch, improve their general quality of life or just to experience something they have never experienced before. Massage parlors do not disappoint at all.

Most of the spas are very friendly and meet the needs of their customers. They can provide a vehicle to pick them and transport them to the parlors where they will receive five-star massage treatment and open a whole new world of sensual stimulation and pleasure. People find their escape in the massage parlors of Bangalore.

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Tips to find an appropriate massage therapist in Bangalore

There are many parlors in Bangalore that offer body massage services. Some of these parlors have been operational for a number of years while some are relatively new. In order for you to find an appropriate parlor or therapist, you need to:

· Shop around – there is no workaround to this. Finding one or two therapists does not mean you have found the best parlors in Bangalore. Find a couple of parlors and make comparison depending on your unique and custom needs.

· Make a call – although Bangalore massage parlors are known to be friendly and responsive, call several parlors see which ones give you great customer service and are prepared to meet your needs, no matter how unique and picky they might be.

· Check for reviews and credentials – find a parlor that is credible and has a good reputation for exceptional service. You can do this by checking websites such as

Final note

Bangalore is slowly becoming a driving force in body massage. Several individuals and couples visit the city to experience great massage services. Renowned for its beautiful and massage, it is no surprise that many people visit the city to enjoy the exclusive massage among others. You can also visit to see some of the great massage services offered in the city.

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