Body to Body & female to male Massage in Bangalore


Body to Body Massage in Bangalore:

Body massage service available in Indiranagar. The special, gorgeous, VIP massage center named Linga massage.

There are plenty of body massage services are included in this Massage center. The Body massage services included Female to male spa, Body to Body, Nude massage, Nuru massage, Sex massage, Handjob, and Blowjob.

Linga massage is one of the famous massage centers in bangalore.

That is why people often visits Linga massage and take a massage service. We treat customers like we are a friend.

So, That only returning customers are large. We also provide the special offer for returning customers.

You can call and ask those details in our massage center.

Indiranagar aka Indira Nagar is an awesome place where you can get anything. In the electronic city, Indiranagar is an iconic one. Anybody can reach indiranagar easily because of plenty of buses and cars available.

And also Indiranagar is a center of the city. That is why many shopping malls, theaters, restaurants, hospital, police station, and many others were located. The spa is also very famous in Indiranagar.

If you want to take spa service in Indiranagar visit our spa. You will definitely get delighted after the session.

Luxury Massage in Bangalore:

Brigade Road is the famous area in Bangalore. We get everything from these areas. We can get everything from these areas. Shopping malls, hospitals, IT companies, cinema theaters, bars, pubs and everything is here. Of course, massage & Call girl services also available in MG Road & brigade road areas.

massage in brigade road

Lingamassage is one among the best massage center in bangalore. Here we provide all kinds of massage services like body massage, body to body, female to male, male to male, thai massage, swedish massage, Aromatherapy, Organism massage, nuru massage and Ayurvedic Hot stone massage.

High profile massage girls:

We have lots of trained masseur to rub your body. All are highly professional and do all the hardcore work for you. We have plenty of massage girls. Only massage and massage with sex service also available here.

The massage girls are from Kerala, Tamilnadu, Mumbai, Nepal, Russain, Thailand, Kolkatta & Local Karnataka girls also available here. You can find all variety of girls here. We use lots of massage tools to reduce body pain, headache, tension, pressure & joint pain. Take body massage once in a week to avoid common problems like BB, headache, body pain and tension.

Everybody knows massage is the best way to relax our body and mind. In our spa, we provide genuine massage service to our customers. Our only motto is to satisfy customers. If you are not satisfied with our services, then we will refund your money. 100% satisfaction, safety and private massage center for all age groups.

Call girl services also available here. A Callgirl is like Escort girl and she will cooperate everything. Short term, Full night and long-term services are available. All girls are high professional and well-maintained girls. You can take hardcore relaxation with her.

Call us for more details.

Body to Body Massage:

The best massage in Bangalore is just next to you. We are located at BTM layout, at southern Bangalore in India. We are only 35 minutes drive from the Bengaluru International Airport. We have a world-class massage and spa with the latest massage practices to offer the best value for our clients.


Massage has been established as the most efficient forms of therapy. It is the answer to tissue injuries, anxiety, stress and trauma, insomnia, name them. It is one of the most efficient age-old practices that is greatly essential in enhancing superb bodily and mental relief. It gets even better when it is performed by a professional. The experience and relief is not worth anything that the world can offer.

Female to male body massage

The purpose of a massage is to relieve the body of stress. The female to male body massage is a premier type of massage where the masseuse uses her body to massage a male client’s body. The awesome experience of a female to male body massage gives an experience that is heavenly. The fact that it is usually done by professional ladies only using the best-recommended oils and takes the experience to another level. The professional masseuses uses Melrose Sweet almond oil, Apricot kenel oil, Jojoba, and sesame oil among other excellent massage oils for the best results.

Body to body massage

Most massage therapies include the use of hands to stimulate the muscles, tendons, and the nerves. However, the best massage is method presently at use is the body to body massage. At this level, the masseuse uses her body to massage the body of the client.

The client may not only feel the hands but also the breasts and the nipples of her masseuse as she uses her body to spread the massage oil on his body. Though it may involve nude body-to-body massage, it is the brings the greatest sensations as the masseuse’s body stimulates and massages the client’s body. The masseuse uses her body to rub essentially recommended massage oils on the body of the client.

The chance to taste heavenly experience is just next to you in Bangalore. The most advanced practices and professionalism in massage are now available. You cannot afford to miss the world-class experience. Beware, the superb experience may make you come back for more; over and over again. The results that you shall experience are sweeter than anything else in life.

Luxury Spa Package & facial in BTM Layout (Bangalore):

Finding a spa and salon in BTM Layout that will fully take care of your needs is never that easy. That’s why we endeavor to bring you services that will offer real value for the money you spend. With plenty of luxury spa packages which target men and women, your work is to relax and let the therapists do the job. There are many services you can enjoy in a health spa, hair spa, aroma spa and Thai spa. Here is an insight of what you can expect.

Key Services


There are different types of massages that serve different purposes for various clients. While some are meant to induce relaxation and pain relief, others are used to detoxify the body and relieve anxiety among individuals. That’s why there are health spas, hair spas, thai spas, full body spas and more. Majority of the services offered may be offered in spas meant for men, women or unisex clients.

Some of the massage types you can find in BTM Layout spas include:


Services under this category involve removal of unwanted hair from the face, dealing with black spots or getting rid of wrinkles. BTM Layout health spa will employ naturally formulated oils and treatment products to ensure you enjoy better results of every procedure. These services may be combined with massage therapies to deliver the ultimate healing and relaxation to your entire body.

Other Body and Hair Cleanup Services

Spa and salon services may extend to removing unwanted hair in other parts of the body through threading and waxing. All these treatments are done with the high quality products which mean the procedures involved are very safe. Other key services that can be found on a spa or salon include pedicure and manicure, reflexology, bridal packages, bleaching, hair smoothening and fringe hair cut.

How Much Do Massage Therapies And Hair Cleanup Services Cost?

The cost you’ll incur at a health spa or salon largely depends on the kind of services you go for and the length of time it will take for the treatment to be complete. For instance, a hand or foot massage that takes 40 minutes will cost less than a couple’s massage that takes 120 minutes. The cost will also vary depending on the kind of massage treatment you go for like relaxing massage, pain relieving massage, immune boosting massage or detoxification massage. The same applies to facials, hair treatments and manicures & pedicures.

Taking massage from professional massage therapist will help you a lot in all way. Most of the people in India already known Linga massage. In Bangalore also we are very famous. So, taking body to body massage from a brand is good for your well being.

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