Sandwich & Nuru Massage in Bangalore & Its Benefits

sandwich massage

Sandwich massage bangalore:

I. What is Sandwich massage?

There are many kinds of massage or massage therapies out there. There’s Swedish massage, Thai massage, and Chinese massage. They are the most popular. But have you ever heard of Sandwich massage? Probably not, because it’s not a very common form of massage therapy.

No, it does not involve putting sandwiches on top of your body, nor placing ham, bacon, and lettuce all over you, nor stuffing your mouth with sandwich while the masseuse massages your body. In other words, it does not have anything to do with sandwiches, or at least the edible kind of sandwich. It is as the name suggests – it involves the “sandwiching” of the client by two massage providers or therapists.

Usually, these two massage therapists are females. They massage the client’s front and back simultaneously. This is a very unusual form of massage because typically a massage is performed by a single masseuse only, and she often only uses her hands, arms, or elbows. In a Sandwich massage, the masseuse does not restrict herself to using her hands or elbows – she also uses her body. When two massage therapists provide massage services at the same time, the client literally is “sandwiched” between them.

As mentioned, Sandwich massages are very rare. But they are sometimes practiced in some parts of India, in particular in the city of Bangalore. Linga Massage is a popular destination for Sandwich massages in Bangalore.

sandwich massage

II. How it is done

Sandwich massage is also sometimes called a “Four Hand Massage” because, well, it involves two pairs of hands. The guest is first asked to remove his clothing. He then is instructed to lie flat or sideways on a massage bed. The massage bed is either level with the floor or else slightly elevated, depending on the client’s or the massage providers’ preferences.

The massage therapists then apply massage oils on the client’s body. Depending on prior agreement, the masseuses may choose to go nude to perform their services. They will usually also apply massage or aromatic oils on their bodies and they will then begin the massage. Often, the massage session will begin with the fingers and hands. That is, the massage therapists will first give you a body massage.

The first masseuse will massage the front part of your body. The second masseuse will massage your back. Then, they will simultaneously knead your head, neck, throat, shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, chest, legs, thighs, feet, and toes.

The two massage therapists will then proceed to the next part of the procedure. They may choose to lie next to you – one in the front and the other in the back. Or else you will be asked which position is the most comfortable for you. At this point, both of the massage providers will have already applied massage oils on their body. They will be naked. One of the masseuses will then slide her body against your body. She will either slide on top of you or behind you. Or both of them may slide against you together.

The sliding of their bodies against yours will provide you with a kneading effect. Their bodies will knead the muscles in your body. Pressure will also be applied on you. You will literally feel like a “hotdog” between two buns! This will simultaneously relax and arouse you. Nothing is more relaxing than being massaged by two bodies at the same time, but nothing is also more erotic than that.

The duration of the massage will vary. It may take one hour and a half to two hours. The guest may choose a longer massage session if he so wishes it.

No doubt, Sandwich massages are one of the most radical kinds of massages out there.

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III. Benefits of sandwich massage

The benefits of massages are well known. In general:

1. They reduce stress and help you cope with anxiety. Of course, we are living in a very stressful world nowadays. Our daily schedule and routines are often very hectic. Therefore, more and more people are put in stressful situations, either in their workplaces or homes. In extreme cases, these stress-out people experience anxiety, and even depression. Depression can lead to mental illness and even heart diseases. Getting an occasional massage is a great way to reduce stress and prevent anxiety and depression.

2. They alleviate pain. Too much stress can often lead to body pains. Massages alleviate pain by relaxing tense muscles and promoting blood flow into all parts of the body.

3. They promote overall well-being. We always feel relaxed and happy every time we get a massage. The more happy we are, the better our outlook it life becomes, and the more able we are to live productive lives.

IV. Where to get it

There are countless places and establishments in Bangalore that provide massage and spa services, but very few Sandwich massages. One of the most well-known of these businesses is the Linga Massage. You can book your massage with us at our website,

Nuru massage in Bangalore

nuru massage

Nuru massage is better massage available for tension and relaxations. The Gel is used for Nuru massage techniques.

Gel is everything for massaging your body.

In this type you and your female massage therapist allowed to the Nuru massage room. There you can see the mattress and cot. You can lay on that mattress. After that the female massage therapist apply the gel all over your body.

The gel gives maximum traction to your body. Its not like smooth. Its like a rubber gel. She will going to rub your body with her hand initially.

If you are give permission to her then she can also apply Nuru gel on her body and gives body to body massage.

This massage session goes upto 90 Minites. After completing your massage, you are allowing to shower bath.

Inbetween massage you can feel lots of pleasure.

This pleasure can help to reduce stress, tension, body pain and joint pain.

nuru massage

In western countries Nuru massage is popularly known as Nuru Gel massage. But in India it is called nuru massage.

People in Bangalore often stresses by work and noise pollution. So, taking massage once in a week is recommended for Doctors.

Many of the people came from villages and rural areas. They can’t able to tolerate high noise level, pollution and traffic. The work place also gives lots of headache to employees.

So, taking body massage once in a week is good for health.

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Nearly 40 massage types are available in our spa. So, Visit our spa now and take body massage from us.

It will help you to stay younger and stronger.